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RoadKill Soup Press Kit PDF


A pop reunion sparks an old metal flame 


For immediate release


Sylvain Audet

Sly Sounds Music



Progressive Death Metal duo “Road Kill Soup” release their first eponymous EP. The album is available on all digital distribution and streaming platforms.


It was for a Labor Day weekend gig last September that the Levis based top 40 cover band U Can Dance reunited after a 9 year hiatus. The time spent in rehearsal and on stage was loaded with recollections of touring lore and inside jokes. For drummer Frederic Anctil-Morin and bassist Sylvain Audet, one of the memories shared was of a project they had started back in 2010. 


Back then, Audet was working on thumb picking and tremolo bar techniques, and to help his progression and exploration along, he was writing etudes and exercises. Some of these became solo bass pieces released on his 2011 EP “Road to Forgiveness”, some became jazz-fusion singles with Audet-Morissette, and others were sent to Anctil-Morin with the intent of becoming progressive metal songs.


The two friends and bandmates ended up jamming as a duo, trying new ideas and techniques and having fun, but when U Can Dance disbanded in 2013, and the metal project was put aside.

Having set up a home studio in 2015 and learning the ropes of recording and mixing, mainly making tracks for production music librairies, Audet, upon seeing Anctil-Morin at the UCD reunion, and after many years of having lost touch, remembered that some of the practice sessions he and Fred had done back then were recorded and sitting on an old hard drive.


Armed with his Industrial Radio midi bass, some sample libraries and some coffee, Audet set out to take those recordings and try to give them new life. 


The result is “RoadKill Soup”, a four song EP in tribute to an old friendship and time passed. An intense 15 minutes with riffs inspired by vintage metal with a healthy dose of tremolo bar scoops, meeting polyrhythmic drum explorations with growling, screaming vocals yelling ridiculously dark lyrics.


The band name “RoadKill Soup” was taken from a story outline that Audet had originally written for the project. A sci-fi fantasy horror tale of an agency that collects roadkill and turns them into cyber-zombie warriors fighting for environmental justice. The album art is his 13 year old daughter’s interpretation of that story.


Sly Sounds Music is an independent record company from Levis, Quebec, which makes production music and commercial releases.



Press Photo

Press Photo

Album Cover

Album Cover
Sylvain Audet

Sylvain Audet

Sylvain Audet is a musician born in Nashua New Hampshire living in Levis (Quebec) who studied music at Ste-Foy College, Laval University and at Berklee College of Music. As a freelance bassist for the last 33 years, he has backed up, amongst others, Roch Voisine, Brigitte Boisjoli, Maxime Landry, Mario Chenart, Martin Fontaine, Joanne Blouin, Marc Hervieux, Elizabeth Blouin-Braithwaite, Luc de la Rochelière, Judi Richards, Dawn Taylor Watson, Simon Morin, Sylvie Desgroseillers, Nancy Dumais and The Quebec Gospel Ensemble. From jazz to rock, pop, classical, blues, soul and gospel, Sylvain has played thousands of times in festivals, concert halls, hotels, bars and restaurants in Quebec and abroad.


As a composer and producer, his music catalog has been used in numerous television programs including : Dancing with the Stars, Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, The Challenge, Very Scary People, Geordie Shore, Temptation Island, Something’s Killing Me, Families of the Mafia, Bar Rescue, Little People Big World, Teen Mom Family Reunion, Tyler Perry’s Bruh, Deadly Bite, Forgotten But Not Fatal and True Life Crime.


His independent record label, “Sly Sounds Music”, has released the EP of solo bass pieces “Road to Forgiveness” in 2011, the R&B singles “Wedding Song” and “En ce Jour” in 2013, experimental jazz-fusion singles “Contact” and “Forky” in 2014, 2015 and the progressive death metal EP “Road Kill Soup” in 2023.


Frédéric Anctil-Morin

Frédéric Anctil-Morin.jpeg

Born in the beautiful region of Quebec City, Frédéric studied piano and singing from an early age.  However, it’s at the age of 12 that he discovered his instrument of predilection, the drums.


A trained musician and winner of Alma College’s interpretation prize, he has participated in many contests and masterclasses with prominent professors.


For 20 years, Fred has been teaching and performing live with many artists in the province of Quebec. He was the drummer for the LBA Band for the last 8 years. He has also played with Jeanick Fournier et many cover bands like the Karma Kameleons, Tone Call band, Highway Star and many more.


It’s always with a smile and great joy that he shares his talent on his instrument.

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